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Until recently, I have mainly written about programming and methods to work through and attempt to resolve it. But as I am working on my own healing, I am coming to realize that while breaking programming is important (and often life-saving), that eventually it becomes important to deal with core issues. Core issues go beneath and behind programming, and often not only drive it, but sabotage the therapy process as the survivor attempts to heal.

These issues will be different for each survivor, since we each have a unique history. I have received emails from survivors from around the world, and have found that: *The Illuminati is certainly not the only occult group in the world; there are many other well-organized groups that do methodic, repetitive abuse of an occult nature. But in these groups, often the core issues are different than for the Illuminati *Even within the Illuminati, each individual will need to discover their own personal history, since parentage, bloodlines, and programming methods will differ, as well as the child’s eventual role in the group. This article is not meant to address all methods, or all survivor’s histories in the group.

I can’t speak for everyone who was abused in the group; I can only speak of what I myself am discovering about my own personal history, in the hopes that it will help other survivors through either validation, or to help supporters better understand some of the issues that they face during the process of remembering and healing.

The Illuminati are based in Europe, which is where their power base has always been. I remember being told as a young child that America was basically considered their “mission field” or the “land of opportunity” by those whose roots extend for hundreds of years or more into the ancient European dynastic bloodlines.

This is why their power hierarchy around the world, whether in the U.S., Asia, Australia, Canada, or elsewhere will always point back to Europe, where the 13 rulers (they also call them “lords”) are based. Each ruler represents an area of Europe held under his sway; and each one represents an ancient dynastic bloodline.

For example, the Hapsburg bloodline (Merovingian) is still active in Europe, although hidden, as well as the Rothschild and Battenberg bloodlines . In many modern European countries, the heirs of these bloodlines are immensely wealthy, and secretly are the “power behind the throne”, if not the actual rulers.

This is one reason why those of high Illuminati rank/descent in the U.S., for example, can always trace their bloodline or parentage to members of this ruling cabal in Europe; members of leadership councils in the States are always direct descendants, whether legitimate or illegitimate.

Whether at the lowest levels, or the highest, though, this group operates with the same methods: instilling intense fear and terror to control their members. Often this is done through the fear of death, and at the core level, the person who has undergone their training will have an immense fear of dying because of the “death and resurrection” experiences, or near death experiences, that they have undergone.

During these experiences, the very young child or even infant core will be faced with intolerable choices: to allow themselves to be extinguished, or to embrace the demonic and the beliefs of those in their bloodline parentage. I believe this is dissociation at its deepest level, since the desire to survive is one of the deepest instincts that God has given us, and will override intellect, cognition, and even well-thought out beliefs in an adult-much less in a very young child. When faced with certain death and terror, or life, albeit at a price that is much too high, the infant or child almost always chooses life (I have never heard of one that hasn’t to date, although my own knowledge and experience are limited).

Then the one who offers life to the infant becomes their “savior”, and worshipped virtually as a deity in the child’s mind and heart for “saving” them in one of the most wicked set ups imaginable.

In many cases, this is one of the child’s parents, and most often, their biological father. The biological father may not be the person that the child consciously remembers raising them during childhood; and once again, this encourages deep dissociation: the consciously remembered “Daddy” may not be the survivor’s real father.

Identity confusion is also layered in. The name the child goes by during the daytime may be quite different from their “real” name, or even the name on their birth certificate. A child of high lineage may discover that they weren’t born in the United States, but in Europe, if the ties to the European bloodlines are great enough; or even that their American birth certificate was forged, to cover their European one.

Each situation is different, and different bloodlines practice different methods of raising, mentoring, and training their offspring. For instance, those of German descent may be taken to Germany, and spend time with those of this bloodline learning the ways of this country, and developing a loyalty to what they consider their “true homeland”, before going back to another country to live under a different identity. Because above all else, children are called back to their European roots at frequent intervals to develop loyalty to their family home and name, and to undergo ceremonies meant to instill terror and ongoing cooperation, alternated with loving bonding experiences meant to instill deep love for the parental figures.

A child may live in Japan, but they will always know that their true home is in Germany or France; the child in Canada may know that their true home is the U.K., or Russia, and the child in the U.S. will long to return to “home” in Europe with the loyalty that is instilled, whether “home” is Germany, Bavaria, France, Moscow, the UK, Spain, or another country ruled by one of the 13.

This terror, this training, and the bonds of not only loyalty, but caring and nurturing that the child experienced through their true parentage, are often the most difficult and insidious to break. Deep terror combined with loving rescue and nurture create deep loyalty through trauma bonding, and breaking these ties at the core level is the most difficult task that many survivors face.

My prayer is that by explaining some, it can help others know that this does occur, which is the first step to uncovering it and working on it. I believe that deep prayer and support from others are the only methods of both uncovering these ties, and of breaking their hold. I am still working on these issues, and welcome others to share their experiences of undoing the hold of loyalty at this core level to the original perpetrators, and of breaking the spiritual and emotional ties to them. I will be more than happy to publish here anonymously any articles on this topic, as an encouragement to others who are breaking ties to the power centers in Europe. Because, ultimately, these men must lose in their bid for power. Scripture tells us that there is only one king on the throne: Jesus Christ, and that eventually, even the European roots of the Illuminati and their coming “prince” or antichrist, will be cut down, when Christ reigns over the earth.

Blessings to you, Svali


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Breaking Free of the Cult

One of the most important but also one of the most difficult steps that a survivor of generational cult abuse can make is the decision to leave the group that they were raised in.
Those who are naive, or don’t understand the nature of being raised in a group may wonder, “Why would it be hard to leave abusers? Wouldn’t a person WANT to get away?” The reality is a little more complicated, and my hope is that this article will help both survivors, therapists, and support people as well as those who wish to understand ritual abuse have a better idea of the issues that survivors getting out face, as well as some helpful ideas on safety.


I want to address these first. This is not to be discouraging, but to help identify the issues involved. If a person understands the obstacles to leaving, they can then begin developing a plan to overcome these problems.

Paramount is PERSONAL SAFETY. Threats against those who try to leave are real, and the person has been conditioned by witnessing the punishment of those who have tried to leave (see my article on how the cult programs people for more info); or even punishment for questioning the group or its leader. The psychological intimidation of a lifetime is real, and the person must be assured of physical safety before they will consider leaving a group that could literally brutally punish them (or worse) for attempting to leave.

It is very, very difficult to consider leaving, or worse yet, to discuss leaving in therapy, then have reporter alters “telling on” the person to the group leaders. This happened to me in San Diego, and the results were devastating. My inside parts who wanted to get out, who were working hard in therapy, were being physically brutalized at night to punish them for talking and remembering. This created a great deal of what therapists call “intrasystem conflict” , to put it mildly. Some parts became hostile at other parts who wanted to leave, and they began punishing them as well. In addition, suicide commands were put in by the head trainer.

The reality is that if a person truly wants to break free, they may become “expendable” in the eyes of the cult, or considered a security risk, and will often be told to suicide. In breaking free, a survivor and their support system needs to be aware of these realities. To not be aware that this is/could be happening will cause therapy to be sabotaged.

Even if the person finds physical safety, other issues need to be addressed as well.
One is ISOLATION. Often in transgenerational groups, the survivor’s entire family of origin, as well as their closest friends, and spouse will be part of the group (the Illuminati arrange almost 100% of their marriages, I have never personally known of a person in the group whose spouse was not also involved, as well as the children.) These members of the immediate family will be the ones most likely to reaccess the survivor. I will give a personal example, again.

When I lived in San Diego, I was in therapy for DID. All that I remembered at the time was a period of three years of ritual abuse with my father and his mother. I thought my mother “rescued” me from him when she divorced him. But my therapy was at a standstill. The more I remembered, the WORSE I became, and decompensated. I would go to therapy, talk, try to help my inside people, then would feel immense panic and fear, as well as suicidal urges afterwards.

It wasn’t until later that I learned that my mother was my cult trainer the first five years of my life; that my husband was taking me back to cult meetings where I was severely punished and programmed to NOT tell in therapy. Once I had physical safety, and broke off contact with cult members, I immediately began stabilizing psychologically. But the price was high. My husband divorced me when I told him I remembered; I told him his cult name, mine and the children’s, thinking he, too would want to get out. Instead, I lost custody of my two children in a long and expensive court battle with a justice system whose attitude was that ritual abuse was a delusion. (Fortunately, 1 1/2 years ago, my ex decided to leave the group, in part because of seeing me alive and well and working full time; and I now have full custody of my children, who are doing well in therapy).

I am sharing this to help people be aware that the price of leaving a transgenerational group may include (although each situation is different):

giving up contact with members of family of origin

giving up contact with close friends (the survivor has often been surrounded by cult members in their social group, including at church; my five closest friends were all members of the Illuminati and I had no idea). Often “cult twins” are best friends in day time life

learning that a spouse and children are all members
The enormous psychological pain of giving up these relationships will often make it difficult for the survivor, but if they continue in them, the chances of being reaccessed are great. MOST REACCESSING OF THE SURVIVOR COMES FROM MEMBERS OF THEIR IMMEDIATE FAMILY. This is one of the hardest tasks for the survivor to attempt as he or she learns good boundaries. What those boundaries need to be will differ from person to person, and their individual situation.

Another real, and powerful pull back to the cult, will come from the perception that NEEDS inside the person are being met by the group. The person will likely be dissociative, if they have been raised in a transgenerational group, and they will often have alters inside who have never known or experienced the abuse, who will be considered “high alters” inside.These part’s reality is that they were praised and told that they were special, often unaware or not caring that other alters inside endured the abuse. These higher alters may identify strongly with their perps and are often the alters that want recontact with the group and help drive internal recontact programming.

Frequently, when a person leaves a cult group, there is a real period of grieving. Social relations have been changed. Alters with special needs will feel that their needs are no longer being met, whether for belonging, for sexual activity, for power, or other personal agendas. The survivor needs to recognize this reality. A person will often unconsciously recontact a group if they believe that deep needs are being met by this group. Teaching themselves to meet their needs in a healthy and appropriate way will take time and patience, working with a qualified safe therapist who understands ritual abuse.

There may be PROGRAMMING to recontact the group. The survivor will need to identify if this is present, and take steps with the help of their therapist and support system to deactivate it.


While breaking free can be difficult, as I have discussed above, it is possible to escape a cult group and maintain personal safety. I will share from both my personal experience and that of other survivors things which have proven helpful in breaking free.

1. Safe outside accountability:

If the person attempting to break free can live with someone who is NOT a member of the group, who is a safe person, that will increase their own personal safety exponentially. Cult members from groups such as the Illuminati will hesitate to harrass or try to access someone while they are with a safe person, one who is not dissociative. One of the most dangerous set ups is when a survivor is living alone, or in isolation, or if they talk long walks at night or in areas where there are no people around. Abductions, kidnappings, or reaccessing may occur in these situations. The more safe outside accountability the survivor sets up, the less chance that this will occur. This could mean a safe roomate who is not dissociative; staying with members of a church, finding a safe house, or even a women’s shelter (although there are reports that some shelters and safe houses are being infiltrated by cult members; the survivor needs to be cautious in where they go and whom they trust). One grievous problem today is the relative lack of safe houses for people trying to break free of the cult.

One precaution: often survivors will quickly make friends with other survivors, since they feel isolated and alone without the cult group. The survivor may want to exercise caution about rushing into friendships, since many survivors, especially at the beginning of their therapeutic process, may still be in contact with a cult group. Each person will need to make decisions on an individual basis in this area to maintain safety.
2. A good therapist:

There are excellent therapists who specialize in working with ritual abuse. While qualifications among therapists will vary, a survivor can try locating one by contacting reputable people in the field for referrals, by contacting the ISSD (link is on the welcome page for my articles), or by referral from people the survivor trusts. Not all therapists who advertise that they work with DID are safe, but if the survivor checks out references and asks careful questions, their chances of finding a good therapist will be higher. I have personally had therapists who worked with DID who ranged from : a pastor in San Diego who told me he could “integrate me” in 3 months if I had enough faith (this did NOT happen and was completely unrealistic); a therapist who was the referral for a national christian counseling group for DID who told me that her brother had tortured her as a child, and that I was not DID because she, the therapist, often “lost time” and went through personality changes and SHE wasn’t DID (I stopped seeing her after two visits); a therapist associated with a ritual abuse and trauma program who was very knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful. The last one, needless to say, was the only helpful one in my healing process! A good therapist will be knowledgeable about DID and ritual abuse; will BELIEVE the survivor and not discount memories shared; will help the survivor with achieving inter-system communication; and will have good boundaries. A therapist like this is well worth the time and effort it will take to locate, and can help the survivor immensely in the process of breaking free of cult control.

3. Stopping telephone access:

The telephone is one of the first avenues used to access someone trying to leave the cult. Hang up calls; calls with tones played, or with a tape or hidden message, will be used. Also, survivors often have recontact programming to phone their trainer or family members. One way to deal with this: take the telephone and lock it in the trunk of the car. This way, if a part of the survivor tries to get up in the middle of the night and make a phone call, they will have to find the car keys; unlock the trunk, plug the phone in,and make the call. Hopefully, the survivor will have time to “switch out” another part who will stop the call, especially as they work in therapy to block cult access.

Use of caller i.d.; answering services, or an answering machine (calls can be checked with a therapist or support person present in case an access message is left) can also help prevent phone access. Eventually, the survivor will find the parts inside with a vested interest in recontact, and can negotiate with them not to call or recontact. An unlisted phone number may help for a short period of time. Phone numbers can also be blocked to prevent calls from certain numbers, such as those of known perps.

4. Alarm systems:

Some survivors will have alarm systems to prevent unauthorized entry into their home. Again, this is best combined with a safe living situation, as described above. These alarm systems can also be coded by an outside safe person so that the survivor themself cannot decode it if internal parts try to leave in the middle of the night.

5. Share info with safe outsiders:

This could be a lock box with names of perps, and information, which the safe person will distribute if the survivor is harmed or access is attempted. The survivor can then mail a letter to this effect to known perps, to help prevent accessing or abducting of the survivor.

6. Go public

Some survivors have chosen to go public to maintain safety. The thought is that if they are harmed, they have shared enough info that an investigation will be done into the causes, and the cult group will risk further exposure, which they hate. Sharing information with law enforcement, with legal advisors, therapists, social workers, and child protective services can all also help maintain safety, IF the law enforcement officers, etc. are not members of the group. The problem here is that at times, cult members will infiltrate legal and law enforcement organizations, even CPS, to prevent cult members from escaping. The survivor will need to go to reputable, known safe people, if they choose to go this route.

7. Work on undoing recontact programming

This will take time, with a qualified therapist. It means looking at the trauma that placed the programming in, a difficult task psychologically. It will also mean addressing the powerful needs addressed above as well, and grieving when contact with cult members is stopped.

8. Prayer support

As a Christian, I believe that this can be a survivor’s strongest protection. A strong, supportive faith system, and prayers for safety can protect the survivor during the spiritually and emotionally trying times while breaking free of the cult.

These are just a few ideas on breaking free. Many, many survivors have broken free, and have used their creativity and strength, as well as the help of noncult members who wish to help, to maintain safety. My hope is that this article will be a beginning place for both survivors and their support people and therapists to look at maintaining safety. I welcome any comments or andecotes on ideas that other survivors and support people have found for maintaining safety.

copyright 2000 svali

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When confronted with the possibility that ritual abuse may occur, one of the first questions people ask is: “But if it’s real, why aren’t they caught?”. In other words, how can an organized society meet and execute rituals in secret, yet not leave any incriminating evidence which may lead to a conviction? How can such secrecy possibly be maintained in this day and age? Surely they would leave behind a ‘trail’ that would alert others as to what was happening.
I will address these questions from my own experience with one cultic group and also provide a link to articles about other ritually abusive groups who HAVE been ‘caught in the act’ and subsequently convicted in court. I would first, however, like to discuss one other secret society that has continued to operate in the US since the early 1920s (approx.). A secret society that commits acts of brutality including not only physical beatings, but also cold blooded murder. A criminal group that engages in a variety of illegal activities. An organization with members who are born into it and thus can be termed ‘generational’. One who prior to the 1970s enjoyed the official FBI position of non-existence, despite those who were reporting its reality (sounds much like ritual abuse today!). I am referring, of course, to ‘La Cosa Nostra’ aka ‘The Mafia’.

In ‘Who Is The Mob Today?’ (2/25/1996), Peter Maas quotes FBI Director Louis J.Freeh admitting the terrible past mistake made by the FBI in rejecting accounts of the Mafia’s existence: For decades under the late J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI’s official position was that the existence of Cosa Nostra was a myth. “We cannot allow the same kinds of mistakes to be made today”, Freeh told Congress. “The failure of American law enforcement, including the FBI… permitted the development of a powerful, well-entrenched organized crime syndicate (that required) 35 years of concerted law-enforcement effort and the expenditure of incredible resources to address.”

The current ‘official’ position of the FBI is that organized, secretive societies that ritually abuse and participate in illegal activities do not exist, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The bureau appears to have a consistent track record in this department.

What kind of evidence? Ritual abuse does occur and is being successfully prosecuted in courts today, despite the claims of those who deny this fact. Evidence such as pentagrams and assorted paraphernalia IS being found in many of these instances. The following URL is an excellent link to such cases and I would strongly encourage anyone interested in learning more about the reality of ritual abuse to visit this site. It is an eye-opener.

Survivor memories: More and more survivors are coming forward and sharing memories of ritual abuse. These accounts are specific in terms of dates, times, individuals present and events which transpired. Such disclosures have been made by both children and adults from around the world.

How security is maintained: One group’s methods

In the remainder of this article I will share my knowledge of how one group operated its internal security in order to prevent detection. I cannot speak of other groups or their security measures. As previously stated, I was a member of the Illuminati for the first 38 years of my life, spanning from 1957 to 1995. Based on this experience I will now discuss exactly how security was maintained both in Northern Virginia and San Diego, Ca.

1. Telephone Tree: General meetings were scheduled by the leadership council well in advance (usually several months) during their private meetings. In turn, these dates were then given to ranking leaders in the group who, several days prior to a meeting, would activate a telephone tree. Higher members first called their peers, then those beneath them in the group hierarchy. Those at the lowest level were notified just one night before the meeting date, since they were considered ‘higher security risks’.

2. Conditioning To Remain Silent: From the age of 24 months, ALL children in the group were taught the importance of not discussing group activities during the daytime. Teaching methods included ‘set-ups’, in which a member ‘told’ and was then ‘punished’ by the administration of torture. Set-ups were designed to look very realistic, with the ‘betrayer’ loudly screaming throughout his ‘punishment’ – which may have included drowning, burning or even murder. This graphic experience of what happened to those who ‘tell’, served as an unforgettable lesson to young children.

Other methods included beating the child if he spoke of night-related activities in the daytime. The adults around the child also modeled this behaviour by NEVER discussing night activities the following morning. If the child mentioned something he would be told “you were dreaming” and to “forget it”. Severe and brutal physical punishment of children was also used. Set-up scenarios such as fake burials, where the child is then retrieved from a coffin and told he will stay below ground forever should he even think of talking about group activities was done. I was put through that scenario as a young child and in turn, as an adult, saw it perpetrated upon young children. The child is always screaming and swears to never ever tell.

3. Expert Clean-up Crews: Many rituals involving murder were set-ups (no, the cult was not murdering its children – however they did create very realistic set-ups that had powerful psychological effects on the children present). More commonly, an animal was used during spiritual rituals (as I will discuss in another article, there were many other kinds of meetings. Spiritual was but one of six areas of group activities, the others being military, sciences, scholarship, leadership and government). Members were trained in post-meeting clean-up techniques from childhood. Wooden tables were taken apart, bleached,cleaned and then loaded into vans. Clothes were folded in preparation for laundering later. If the site was outdoors then the area was raked clean. If inside a large private home then the site was thoroughly washed down.
4. Restriction Of Meeting Size: In order to avoid overly large meetings, the San Diego group was divided into 24 sister groups (each approx. 60 members) that met on alternating days at alternating sites. Some groups met on Mondays and Thursdays, others on Tuesdays and Fridays, and yet others on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Usually two groups (occasionally three) would meet together at one site. Only at major annual meetings would large numbers congregate. As mentioned above, meeting times were coordinated by telephone trees.

5. Clandestine Times: Meetings were held between 12:30am and 2:00am and on occasion were extended to 4:00am. Traffic would be light. Members often lived in communities where everyone was a member of the group (oh yes, there are ‘cult communities’ because like attracts like, and often whole neighborhoods are comprised exclusively of cult members). People would leave quietly in the night, with car lights off until they were out on the street. The adult non-driver would be the ‘watcher’, checking that they were not being followed.

Each family had a cover story to be used in the event of an outsider catching them leaving. Typically the story would involve an urgently hospitalized relative, which would satisfactorily explain the lateness of the hour and the presence of small children . Normal clothes were worn enroute to the meeting and people would change once on-site. In my family we would sometimes go to sleep in our clothes, which saved time when we got up in the middle of the night. I never considered it unusual to go to bed in my clothing two or three nights a week.

6. On-site Security: The group had several security perimeters around meetings. The first checkpoint (outermost perimeter) was at the five mile mark. There were always at least two roads leading into the meeting site and both would be manned by members possessing a list of approved license plate numbers. All vehicles (incoming and outgoing) were checked. Vehicle flow was minimized as families often car pooled. In the event of an unauthorized vehicle breaching the perimeter, a hidden security person (they would stand behind a tree, watching) would radio ahead and the meeting was immediately packed-up and the people quickly dispersed. Meanwhile, the incoming vehicle would be delayed by the non-hidden security who would pretend to be stranded and in need of assistance. They were taught how to engage the outsider for several crucial minutes. If that ploy failed then they would alert the next perimeter where logs would then be positioned to block the roadway. Of the three-man security team, one would be responsible for alerting members while the other two executed delaying tactics if required.

This security procedure was repeated at both the three mile and one mile perimeters, meaning members had to pass through a total of three checkpoints before arriving at the meeting. To avoid boredom or staleness, security members were rotated on a bi-monthly basis.
Often, on private property, indoor meetings or trainings would occur on large multi-acred estates appointed with securely fenced perimeters. The site would be located in a downstairs basement which could be closed-off from the rest of the house by a false wall. These estates usually had at least one private roadway at the rear and the customary security perimeters in place. As you may by now appreciate, it would be extremely difficult to ‘crash a meeting’ considering the security measures utilized by the group. Given that an outsider was able to discover the time and date of a meeting, he would then have to travel in a vehicle with approved plates. Short of breaking the law, this would require the cooperation of an active group member (which is quite difficult to arrange as they are taught to report to their leader anything like this).

The above has been shared with police departments and they have said that I describe a “highly sophisticated security system”. It is the only one I ever knew while part of this group.

What about the bodies? As mentioned above, the reality is that many of the ‘ritual killings’ (although not all) were set-ups. Fake. Some involved filling a corpse (obtained prior to the ritual) with warm blood. The child would be allowed to play with a living infant before a ceremony, then the switch would be made while the child was in a room ‘preparing’.

Children NEVER question set-ups (they are too frightened) and truly believe they actually killed someone. The group wants them to believe this because the perpetrator guilt will then bind the child to them, and make it less willing to disclose group activities. The child is told it is now a murderer and will go to jail should it ever talk about the meetings. There are real ritual killings, but I believe that set-ups inflate the figures somewhat. Homeless people, and runaways were also used on rare ocassions.

At times animals are used, however they usually belonged to group members. When living in San Diego I had four cats and three dogs mysteriously ‘disappear’ as well as most of my chickens (I lived in the country). These pets were undoubtedly used in ceremonies. After that I quit having pets – the trauma was too great. Goats, chickens, cattle and deer are all used on occasion. The carcasses are are subsequently torn-up, buried or thrown to the dogs in order to make the killings appear to have been done by wild dogs. Sometimes the skins are incinerated and the ashes buried.

It is not my intention to be gruesome. I am merely attempting to explain the mechanics of how this group maintained its secrecy. No doubt other groups use different methods.
>In closing, I would like to offer a comparison upon which to ponder. The Mafia, comprised of thousands of members and openly killing people, maintained its secrecy for over fifty years in the US. Today nobody doubts their existence, yet those same people question that other groups could successfully remain secret. Secrecy is not difficult. The Mafia used their own code of silence – ‘Omerta’. The Illuminati cult also maintains its own silence to this day.

copywrite 2000 svali

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Before I address survivor’s stories in later articles, I believe it is important to understand how groups that ritually abuse operate. Cults can be abusive or non-abusive, and there are many fairly benign cult-like groups that exist today. But for the purposes of my article, I want to look at cults that abuse, specifically, in the sense of ritual abuse.

What are the characteristics of an abusive cult? There are many studies that have defined controlling cults. Dr. Margaret Singer, Phd, U.Ca. Berkley, has written one of the definitive articles on cults that employ mind control and their characteristics (1).

She states that thought reform, as employed by controlling cults, involves the entire anthropological/social spectrum of behaviour, including language use, social environment, and influence of the leader and peers on the member. This often involves attacking the person’s self concept.

I would like to take the six conditions that she has identified as being pre-requisites to exerting mind control, and compare them to experiences of survivors in ritualistically abusive groups. The two correlate completely.

1. CONTROL OVER TIME : this is Singer’s first condition. The cult group must get some of the person’s time, as much as possible, and have the individual think about group idealogy. Survivors report spending time during the week in contact with the cultic groups that abuse them. Contact is by phone; by verbal discussion, or going to meetings. Survivors state that group meetings often occur weekly, monthly, or as frequently as two to three times a week for intensive training sessions. The group that I was involved in (the Illuminati) met two to three times a week for normal teaching times, and had large group meetings on a monthly basis (“ritual times”) as well as leadership meetings once a month to plan the activities for the next few weeks.

2. CREATE A SENSE OF POWERLESSNESS Most groups involved in ritual abuse do this to the nth degree. Through pain, degradation, tying up victims, and experiences created to show there is “no escape” from infancy on, the victim of cult control soon comes to believe that he/she is trapped, can never break free, and should just “give in” to what is asked of them.

3. MANIPULATE REWARDS, PUNISHMENTS, EXPERIENCES IN ORDER TO SUPPRESS OLD SOCIAL BEHAVIOR BEHAVIORS REWARDED: Participation, conformity to ideas/behavior, zeal, personal changes BEHAVIORS PUNISHED: criticalness, independent thinking, non-conformity to ideas/behavior From earliest childhood in generational ritual groups, to later childhood or adulthood in other groups, the use of rewards and praise, as well as punishment have a name: training. Cult type groups believe strongly in the use of praise if the person does well, including merit badges, ceremonies of reward, and high status if the person conforms to the expected behaviour, and severe punishment, even death threatened if the person refuses to perform. Often, abusive and coercive groups will take this concept to its outermost extremes.

4. MANIPULATE REWARDS, PUNISHMENTS, EXPERIENCES IN ORDER TO ELICIT NEW BEHAVIOR Models will demonstrate new behavior Conformity: dress, language, behavior Using group language will eventually still the thinking mind I will discuss this from the point of view of my experiences in the Illuminati in San Diego, Ca. Again, “training” in the Illuminati and other highly controlling groups (outside people call it “programming” ) is meant to create behaviour that helps the group to continue. The goal is a member who is absolutely committed to the group; who never questions leadership, who strives to excel, and who scoffs at the weak. Weakness is the displaying of emotion during ritual events; the refusal to perform an act, or the inability to keep up with others in the group during activities. “Weak” members are brought forward, and punished in view of all. During military exercises (the group had a strong military basis, with forced marches at night, and mock “battles” and “hunts” ) if a member did well, they were highly praised and rewarded. This could be being excused from a difficult maneuver, or sexual rewards, or moving up in status at the next award time. Members were highly conscious of their standing in the group, and were constantly seeking to “move up.”
5. MUST BE A TIGHTLY CONTROLLED SYSTEM OF LOGIC There must be authoritarian leaders in control, who inspire confidence and punish questioning behaviour. In San Diego, as well as several Illuminati groups that I belonged to across the country, the leadership looked like a “pyramid”, with the top person being head of “leadership council”, then a group of two “advisors” below him. Below these two were six administrators who coordinated finances, meeting times, and running the groups logistically. Below them were six head trainers. Underneath were the “sister groups” of about 50 members each, with priests/priestesses, and others. All aspired to a leadership role, to being allowed to move up the rigid hierarchy. Questioning of leadership was unthought of, and considered quite dangerous. From earliest childhood on, members were taught that seeking to leave, or questioning the group’s philosophy, would mean isolation, beratement, punishment, and possible death, with “deaths” being staged to convince children of this reality. Survivors of groups outside the Illuminati have also reported similar activities to control members, with a hierarchy of leadership and leaders being given the right to severely punish or discipline nonconformers.


A person is hard to manipulate if they KNOW they are being manipulated. That is why techniques used by ritualistically abusive groups are often based on a sophisticated knowledge of human behaviour and psychology. The member’s peers including family, closest friends, and spouse are ALL members of the group in generational cults. These people all reinforce for the member that the group is good; has the member’s “best interests” at heart, no matter how abusive the behaviour. That they want to “help” the member. Trainers and behaviour programmers also use these techniques, including “bonding” with the victim, convincing the victim that they “care for them” , that “no one else could possibly understand them the way their ‘family’ (the name the Illuminati go by) does”, etc. As a former trainer in this group, I used those phrases frequently during sessions. At one time, I even believed them myself, until I began questioning what I was doing (this will be the focus of another article: why I left). Surrounded by members who all dress alike, act alike, the person in an abusive cult will often question themselves instead of the cult group, if they question at all. After all, in generational cults, this is the ONLY reality the person has known, from infancy on, and not everyone questions what happens to them.
In later articles, I hope to be able to incorporate survivor accounts of the types of groups involved in this kind of abuse. On a personal note, the group that was involved in my ritual abuse was known as the Illuminati, although day to day they called themselves “family”, “the Order”, or “the Society” depending on the circumstances. For thirteen years, at times my abuse occurred in a Masonic temple in Alexandria, Virginia and some of the abusers were Masons, although most of the membership of that group had no idea that some of the members were using the temple for that purpose. All Masons are NOT abusers, most are not, but SOME in my experience were members of the Illuminati and abused me in that context. I was also abused in a small abandoned Baptist church in the country in northern Virginia. One of the abusers was a deacon in a local baptist church. All Baptists are NOT abusers, but in this one instance, some members of the local church were members of a group that abused during the night hours.

In the daytime, these people were respected members of the community, churchgoers, and appeared benevolent. This shows that a person’s daytime “persona” can be quite different from how they act at night or in a different setting. All of the members of the group that abused me were generational themselves, and had been abused in the same way when they were children. This shows how the cycle of abuse, if not healed, will continue generation after generation in some families.
References: (1) Singer, Margaret T. “Conditions for Thought Reform

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Christmas is a time when people think warmly of family gathered around the Christmas tree, sharing laughter as presents are opened and sleepy-eyed children excited see what Santa has brought. Adults share egg nog and cheer, and happy traditions are followed.
But for the child raised in a generational satanic cult, Christmas has a very different meaning. In the daytime, the normal activities of shopping for presents and going to parties occurs, and the family may have a large “warm” gathering of its members in the day.

But at night, things are quite different. The child who in the daytime looks forward to Santa and presents under the day, quakes with terror at the thought of what will come at night.

The winter solstice occurs on December 21, and this is one of the highest pagan/celtic holidays, since the “New Year” begins after this date for the cult. Special ceremonies are planned to ensure the coming of a new year filled with power, and the return of the sun’s lengthening days (many occult ceremonies are also based on ancient sun deity worship). Added to this is the Christian holiday in celebration of Christ’s birth, which the occult group despises, and special ceremonies are planned to desecrate and twist the meaning of this day. For many families in the occult, the whole week from December 21 to December 26 is filled with activities, since family members are naturally gathered together, and there is no need to explain missed days from school for the children.

The cruelty surrounding Christmas and the solstice is intense. Children are often abused by cult members dressed as Santa; or a mocking of the nativity occurs with the end result that “Herod” succeeds in slaying the baby Jesus (with ritual murder of an infant occurring). The child may be sexually abused under a Christmas tree, and paraphernalia of the holiday are given a new and dark meaning.

Instead of a celebration of birth, Christmas for the child raised in a cult family becomes a time of horror and death. Programming may occur, with images associated with the holiday implanted, and the child told that seeing these images (such as a lighted Christmas tree, or nativity scene) will mean contact with “family” or other messages placed in under trauma.

Children (and adults) may receive presents with hidden meanings that remind them of Christmas past and the trauma that is meant to bind them to “family”.

A mock “holiday feast” may occur, but instead of egg nog and ham, the meal is gruesome.

These are just a few of the associations that occur in the dissociated alters of the child raised in a cult family, and why many survivors feel a mixture of anticipation and fear when the holidays come around. Added to this, once the child grows up, intense efforts by cult family members to recontact will occur during these holiday times at which all family members are expected to be present.

Panic and anxiety can occur for the adult survivor on these anniversary dates of intense trauma and rituals, and they may wonder why a holiday that is associated with good cheer for them means the desire to hide and cower.

It can help if the survivor learns for themselves where the panic is coming from, and which triggers were placed in. This usually will occur in therapy, or from journaling.

If a survivor has stopped contact with family members, then receives a flood of Christmas cards or gifts, they should be cautious, and aware that these items could be intensely triggering. A desire to “call and recontact” family members will often be awakened as a result, and the survivor will need to work through this in therapy.

Child alters often hold the most horrific memories, and listening to them, allowing them to process their trauma and fears in therapy, journaling, and art work can also help.

Creating new holiday traditions that feel safe can also help. Some survivors celebrate Christmas by doing things very differently than their family of origin to help reinforce that they are able to break free of all the traditions that their family held. And having outside support and safety help most of all during this time.

Christmas is an especially difficult time for many survivors. But as adults, survivors can choose to break free from the traumatic meanings it once held, and to create a safe Christmas for themselves.

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Easter in the Cult
There are certain times of the year that are particularly difficult for survivors of generational occult. These are “holiday dates” that correspond to rituals celebrated by occult groups. While the actual rites and practices may vary somewhat from group to group, there are certain similarities among many.

Easter is one such time. In the group that I grew up in, during the daytime I was allowed a normal experience. Easter was a celebration of springtime, of lengthening days, and the new flowers signaling winter’s end. I often enjoyed playing with waving palm branches during Palm Sunday, and hunting for Easter eggs on the church grounds. And of course, every year a small Easter basket appeared with a chocolate rabbit or lamb.

But at night, the holiday time was celebrated in a very different manner. The preparation leading up to it often lasted during the week before (there was no school during Easter week when I was a child, in the years before “Spring break” became common. Most schools let out for a week to ten days during this week). The events of this time were quite painful, and including brutalization, sexual abuse and other rituals surrounding fertility rites, culminating at the end of the week with a mock crucifixion. Often a child would be chosen to undergo crucifixion in a grim mockery of the Christian celebration, and the adults would state that this ritual was an offering to debase the Christian tradition and show its lack of meaning.

I do know that young boys were chosen for this ritual, and it was horrible to see.

At times, a mock “resurrection” ceremony might occur, but the resurrector was not Jesus, but a demonic entity who would enter into the person brought to a near death state.

The spiritual roots of these ceremonies were created to allow the passage of the demonic into the participants, and to “seal” them as they participated in the ceremony. At times, a golden chalice was passed between participants, and the child’s blood filled the cup that participants drank.

I am finding in my healing that more and more of what was done to me involved dark occult ceremonies as a child, such as I describe here. These ceremonies allowed the entrance of the demonic, and one of the hardest parts of the group programming to break has been the hold that these memories, and the spiritual destruction that ensued, has had on me. Part of my own healing process is involving undergoing deliverance, and replacing the gruesome, negative spirituality of my childhood with a faith that includes love, mercy, and forgiveness, the antithesis of the harsh and punishing ceremonies that I saw. One of the most important tasks for the survivor when remembering these types of events, (and anniversary dates often bring memories) is to find healing and self-forgiveness for participating, and to reach out for a belief system that can replace the negative. For me, that belief is Christianity, and my hope is that others will know its comfort during this difficult time of year.

It can also help to realize that so often the group makes certain things sound final. “You are sealed for life”, they tell the children, or “You agreed to this, and now you are one of us forever.” This is nonsense. No contract is binding forever, especially one created under coercion, and once a person has free choice, they can choose to break childhood spiritual contracts made under duress. The group during holidays and ritual events tries to inculcate helplessness and a feeling that “Now I can never leave”, but this message is absolutely false and plays on a small child’s fears. Instead, as an adult, the survivor has choices, and can choose to break those covenants and enter into freedom.

This is a battle, and I don’t want to make it sound as if it is easy. It isn’t, and I am still battling this is my own life, but it is well worth breaking free of the hold that these ceremonies and demonic entanglements have in the life of the survivor.

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I am at work, and one of my responsibilities as office manager is to answer the phone. In this age of privacy, almost one fourth of my customers have ‘private’ or ‘caller unknown’ as their identification on my caller i.d. machine. So I think nothing of answering the call identified as ‘caller unknown’.
”Why aren’t you dead yet?” the voice asks, then hangs up.

I sit there, feeling as if I have been kicked in the stomach. It hurts most because the call comes from a source close to me: my mother, a leader in the group that I left, who is very angry with me for my decision. Apparently she would rather have her child dead than out, and this hurts.

One of the issues that most survivors leaving an abusive cult must face is that of receiving threats from the group. These threats can take various forms, including:

-Hang up calls. These can occur in sequences meant to trigger a survivor, or else the cult escapee may be literally flooded with dozens of hang up calls, one after another. The message is obvious: the calls communicate to the survivor silently that the cult knows where they are.

-Phone threats: these are verbal messages meant to intimidate and harass. For instance, when I first considered leaving the cult, I got a phone call from San Diego. There was a baby crying in the background, then the sound of a young child screaming. The caller, a man, then said, ”Isn’t it nice to know that your children are still alive?” My children were in San Diego, living with my husband, and I was being told that there safety depended on my decisions.

-Accessing calls: these are similar to the hang up calls, but when the survivor answers, tones are played, music may be played, or a name spoken which is meant to trigger an alter to come out. For instance, the person calling may ask, ” Is Karen there?” This is an alter created in the person who is supposed to be triggered out. If for some reason the alter is not triggered out (i.e. the survivor is working in therapy to break this programming) then the caller will say, ”I’m sorry, I have a wrong number.” This makes it sound innocent, but a survivor should be suspicious if there are 50 ‘wrong numbers’ in the period of a day or two.

Phone threats and messages are the first level of threats that a survivor will face. But if for some reason they anger individuals in the group, or if the group wants the survivor back badly enough, then the next level of threat can occur. This is abduction and harming the survivor.

I should know. This happened to me two months ago, and is one reason I have not posted here as frequently in the past weeks.
But I also refuse to be intimidated by this group, and so am choosing to speak out in spite of what happened.

When the group believes that they are truly losing control over the survivor, they may step up their efforts beyond phone threats. Instead, they will look for a time when the survivor is alone and vulnerable. Or, they will call and trigger out an alter, and tell them to meet a ‘friend’. This is often done to littles, who are trusting, and keep hoping that they will receive love or a ‘treat’ from those they look up to.

Once the person is lured or found alone, then abduction is usually easy for the cult to do. The person will be forced into a van, or vehicle. They may be driven to a house, or the abuse may occur in the back of a van with windows drawn.

These people are able to brutalize quickly and swiftly in a small space, and have the equipment with them when they make a ”call”. The victim will be told things such as ‘You haven’t been doing your job’, or other threats. Their internal programming will then be reinforced, with torture or even rape as punishment for disobedience. The victim will be gagged during the punishment to prevent others from hearing what is occurring. This will also usually occur in an isolated area, far from houses or intrusions.

The victim will then be returned to a nearby area, or to their car, and told to ”remember what they learned”. When it happened to me recently, I was told, ”See how easy it is to find you? Think about your children, and how easy it would be to do the same to them.”

What Can Be Done I immediately reported the abduction and abuse to my therapist, my husband, and my pastor. I considered calling the police, but wondered how they would receive the following: ”I was abducted by a man who I don’t know in a cream colored van with a temporary license plate, so it probably isn’t the real one. He used a halt command on me given to him by my mother and my trainer from San Diego, since they are the only two who know this, that’s why I didn’t fight him when he tied me up. He shocked me, so there are no bruised, and sexually abused me with an instrument, so there’s no semen.” He wore gloves the whole time, so there are no fingerprints. I blocked this all out for five days, and just remembered it today.”

My husband, pastor, and therapist all felt the police would probably not follow up on this report, so I didn’t file it. But what happened also shows how careful those who threaten and abuse are to cover their tracks and to make identification difficult.
At the same time, I am taking steps to be safer. 1) Don’t be alone: I am being especially accountable for my time, and don’t drive in isolated areas.

2) I have quit answering ‘unknown caller’ calls at work. Instead, I told my boss that I have been receiving harassing calls from unknown callers, and will only take calls that are identified and with a number.

3) I am working hard in therapy to look at how I was triggered, the codes that were used, and how, and to undo them. I am also dealing with the immense amount of panic and suicidality that this incident caused, which was the first clue that something HAD happened. I have been calming down littles, and reminding older parts inside that they don’t have to believe lies or do what these people tell them.

4) I have asked for help, which is very difficult for me, from my support system, including my church and my husband and children. Their encouragement, prayers, and help has made a huge different to me.

They told me to be silent. I refuse to. They told me not to tell. I refuse to agree with them. They told me I’m not ‘doing my job’. I plan to continue to not doing it, because they aren’t my owners, and have no right to tell me what to do.

Only by breaking the power of the lie, can a survivor break free of the control of these people. And this is my goal: to become, and to stay, free. Blessings, Svali

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